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Two girls. 
Two plagues. 
Two centuries apart.
One soul at stake.

Image by: Kalie Holford
Manuscript available upon request.

London, 1846: Hospital maid and aspiring surgeon Catherine Mason spends her days doing emptying bedpans and spying on anatomy room dissections. Her ultimate goal? To slice her way out of an arranged marriage, one limb at a time. When a fierce competition arises to solve the deadliest disease ravaging London, she makes a bet with her best friend, medical student Thom: she’ll enter under his name, and if she wins, he petitions the school to let her in. But as Catherine delves into the confounding illness, she realizes that trying to save other people’s lives might mean ruining her own.


London, 2023: Keeping people awake is what immortal Eyre has done best for two centuries. Every night, she travels all over the world, delighting in foiling the efforts of her pompous nemesis, the Sandman. An expert at breaking into bedrooms, Eyre is (with one jarring exception) never seen unless she wants to be. Until one muggy night in Camden Lock, where she runs into Oliver: a human. An insomniac. A scientist. And someone who despises her on sight.


But when people across the globe begin dying in their sleep, Eyre requires a human ally to investigate – forcing her into a less-than-desirable alliance with Oliver. She sets in motion a dangerous chain of events that will set their investigation on a collision course with Catherine’s… and require all three to confront unimaginable betrayals that will either destroy them or leave them changed forever.

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